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For the map forming the frontispiece and the following note I am greatly indebted to Mr. F. W. Hasluck, of the British School at Athens.
The map is taken from the unpublished Insularmm Henrld Martelli German? (BM. Add. MSS. 15,760) £ 40.
A short note on the MS., which may be dated approximately 14.90, is given in the Annual of the British School at Athens, xii. 199.
The map of Constantinople is a derivative of the Buondelmontius series, which dates from 1420, and forms the base of all known maps prior to the Conquest. Buondelmontius* map of Constantinople has been published from several MSS., varying considerably in legend and other details :1 the best account of these publications is to be found in E. Oberhummer's Komtantinopel unter Suleiman dem Grossen, pp. 18 if. The map in B.M. Arundel, 93, has since been published in Annual B.S.A. xii. pi. i.
In the present map the legends are as follows. Those marked with a dagger do not occur on hitherto published maps.
Reference is made below to the Paris MS. (best published by Oberhunimer, loc. cit.\ the Venetian (Mordtmann, Esquhse^ p. 45, Sathas, M.vrifj,€iay iii.5 frontispiece), and the Vatican (Mordtmann^ loc. cit. p. 73).
TRACIE PARS—GALATHA GLIM NVNC PERA—Pera—S. Dominicus—Arcena —Introitus Euxini Mans.
TRACIE PARS—Porta Vlacherne—fAb hec (sic) porta Vlacherne usque ad portam Sancti Demetri 6 M.P. et centum et decem turres—tPorta S. lohannis1 —Porta Chamici2—Porta Crescu—Porta Crescea—fAb hec (sic) porta que dicitur Crescea usque ad portarn Sancti Demetri sept em M. passuum et turres centum nonaginta octo. Et ad portam Vlacherne 5 M. passuum et turres nonaginta sex —Receptaculum Conticasii3—Porta olim palacii Imperatoris—Porta S. Dimitri — ludee 4 — Pistarie p.6 — Messi p. — Cheone p.6 — S. Andreas — S, lohannes de Petra—Hie Constantinus genuflexus—t Ad S. Salvatorem—fColumna Co(n)s ? —Hie lustinianus in equo7—Sancta Sophia—Hippodromus—S. Demetrius—S. Georgius—S. Lazarus—Domus Pape—Domus S. Constantini—Sanctorum Aposto-lorum—--Porta antiquissima mire (sic) arte constructa8—S. Marta9—S. Andreas —S. lohannes de Studio—Perleftos.                                                  P. W. H,
1  S. RomanI ?
2  Porta Camidi, Vat.
3  Receptaculum fustarum dein Condoscalli, Par.
4  Porta Judea, Par. <5 Porta Piscarii, Par.
6  Porta Lacherne, Par., delle Corne, Vat,, del Chinigo (i.e. Kw^ov) in the xvi, cent. Venetian maps.
7  Theodosius In aequo eneo, Vtn.    In hoc visus imp. Teod. equo sedens, Vat,
8  Porta antiquissima pulcra, Par,
9  St. Mam (as ?) P'en. Sts. Marcus, Vat.